Getting Fit in Just 21 Days!

Feeling lethargic or tired? Do you feel like it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do or how much water youdrink, you never seem to lose weight no matter what? This might have nothing to do with your own effort that you are putting forth to try to lose weight. But it could have everything to do with your diet. There is a very high chance that you are consuming too many grams of sugar and too many carbs.  Some people have no idea just how much sugar goes into a glass of juice or a can of soda.

If you find that it is hard to go one day without reaching for some candy or a pop, you might have an addiction to sugar.  It is easy to ignore the importance of sugar addictions because it is an addiction that most people suffer from.  When your body is hungry, it should be craving sustenance and foods that are healthy like lean proteins, vegetables or fruits.  But if you feel like the only thing you can stomach is a piece or two of pizza or some sugary candies, your body has become far too reliant on carbohydrates and sugars.  This is why the 21 day diet detox is so important to help improve your health and well-being. People who are addicted to sugars regularly experience bouts of fatigue, lethargy and even depression.  You need to retrain your body to start to love healthy foods again.  After going on the 21 day diet in which I avoided consuming excess sugars that were derived from processed foods, my body when into shock.  I was angry and frustrated, it was like I was coming off of a drug addiction and having withdrawals.

The addiction to sugar and carbs can be that severe which is why it is so crucial to kick the bad habits now so you can live a long and fruitful life.  By following this diet for 21 days, you’ll avoid eating anything with processed sugar and limiting all white carbs and breads that are devoid of nutrients and fiber.  Instead, you’ll fill up on lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables and small quantities of complex carbs like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, breads made with multigrain flours and even lasagne dishes that are healthy.  You’ll avoid eating processed sugars and instead stick to eating sugar from fruits.  After doing the 21 day diet, you’ll be amazed at how much better and healthier your body feels.  This diet will be difficult but it will be so worth it when you feel re-energized and look better than ever.

Fight the Holiday Bulge with Portion Control Containers

The holidays are upon us and Christmas will come in only two days. The season has only just begun and most of us have already had our fill of sweets and treats, eating copious amounts of desserts and little appetizers let alone the wine and festive holiday drinks we’ve enjoyed.  Well, that is all happening even before the big day itself where we will indulge in a turkey and stuffing feast complete with dressing, oil soaked vegetables, mashed potatoes and butter and a whole load of pies and desserts! Well it doesn’t have to mean weight gain.

How can I avoid gaining weight over the holidays?

The key to fighting weight gain and maintaining your current weight over the holidays is all in portion control. Many people don’t have the time or energy to count calories, so by investing in some portion control containers, you don’t need to count points or calories. Instead, you’ll simply fill the containers with what you need to eat. The exercise beachbody program called the 21 day fix by Autumn Cabrese contains 21 day fix containers which are in 7 different colors and in different sizes. You fill them up according to your weight loss needs and goals.  All the containers are different colored according to the food group.  You might eat 2-4 yellow containers in a day or 2-4 green containers.

There is also a food list of approved foods you can have for the day and you’ll fill them up as you go along.  Many people opt to order a number of different containers so they can use the original set as a base for their meal for the duration of the week.  From the list, you will choose many different healthy food options – such as a variety of low fat protein options like chicken, turkey, lean beef or tuna fish.  For the carbohydrates containers which are filled in yellow plastic boxes, you’ll eat things like oatmeal, brown rice or whole grain breads.  It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

What is the benefit of portion control?

Many people know what types of foods are healthy to eat and how to avoid gaining weight by not eating processed foods. But a lot of people will wonder why they aren’t losing weight when they are eating healthy foods and avoiding drinking soda and eating sugar and high fat foods. The problem isn’t WHAT they are eating, but HOW MUCH they are eating. Even if you are eating super clean and healthy foods, you may still be overindulging because you are eating too much.  If you eat more than you burn, you won’t lose weight.  That is why the portion control containers help keep you on track by making sure you aren’t eating more than you are burning.  It is well worth a try to avoid weight gain over the holidays.

Using Skinny Fiber to Help your Digestive and PH Balance

Good morning! One of our primary goals on this blog is to ensure that our readers know how to live energetic, balanced, healthy lifestyles. Some people may not know what a pH balance is. But your digestive balance is one of the most important things and factors to living a long and healthy life in addition to helping encourage weight loss and prevent cancer.

Skinny fiber can help balance your digestive system and ensure that your body has a proper balance between alkaline and acidic. Food is digested and metabolized by the help of our digestive enzymes. However, many people have and ingest too many acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods. Alkaline foods help prevent aging and decrease your risk of many diseases. This also leads to living a longer and healthier life. Foods that are formed by acid can increase your ability to age as it causes strain to your cardiovascular system. A body with high acidity can lead to many different diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and diabetes in addition to many others.

Okay, so how can skinny fiber help achieve a good balance of alkaline and acid in my body? Remember, an excellent diet must have around 80% of alkaline foods and 20% of acidic foods. Well, skinny fiber has digestive enzymes and one of its main ingredients glucomannan, helps eliminate toxins and acids from our bodies helping to keep our body balanced. Maybe you worry that this will be an expensive product to have in your life.  Well if you buy in bulk, it only costs around 30 dollars a month ongoing.  That is the price of one dinner out a month. It surely is something you can afford. You cannot put a price on your health! The latest weight loss product known as skinny body max pills incorporate both fibers and other hot ingredients to promote weight loss.
I believe that health is not only about weight loss, but it is also about having a lot of energy, feeling strong, and looking good on the inside as well as on the outside. If you start taking these fiber supplements, not only will you lose weight fast, but you will help your body achieve an optimal balance needed for good health.

Try to consume a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoid foods that are heavy and starchy such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. Also limit the amount of sodium in your diet and be very careful when using condiments in your cooking such as vinegar and soya sauce.

A diet full of whole grains and healthy fiber, leafy green veggies, and organic fruits will keep your body’s pH balanced.  Remember the importance of nuts and legumes as well to make sure your body is getting healthy fats.  You can enjoy almonds, cashews, pistachios and sunflower seeds or even pumpkin seeds providing they are not salted.  Try to eat naturally and you will develop a beautiful naturally fit and lean muscular body like God intended!

Blessings in your journey to health!

Dietary Fiber and How it Can Help You Get Skinny

Recently, a friend of mine started a new diet. I was skeptical at first, I mean, this was not the first diet she had ever started. And I was sure that it would not be the last. This is the kind of girl who is causally trying new diets. I always tell her that all she needs to do is exercise and eat less or avoid eating the heavy fattening foods that she adores so much.


She tells me that she just can’t consume tuna or leafy vegetables because she hates them. She would rather undergo heavy surgery than change her diet to lose weight. So she continues on trying to find that magic diet pill that will help her lose weight something that I do not believe in. But recently she came up to me after talking to a natural doctor regarding the benefits of dietary fiber in her diet. The doctor told her that she needed a minimum of 25 g of fiber each day. He told her that based on the chart that she had filled out over the past few weeks while visiting him that her dietary intake was less than the required amount each day. He told her that this was probably one of the reasons that she finds it so difficult to lose weight.

He recommended that she start taking a fiber supplement called skinny fiber. I have heard about this supplement before, while browsing on the Internet for the best reviews on skinny fiber. However I had never taken it seriously because I had never known anyone personally who has lost weight using a diet pill. But my friend insisted that while she had not lost any weight on the pill, that she was starting to feel a lot better. She said she had more energy and was less hungry throughout the day. So I took a look at the ingredients and was surprised to find that all of them were extremely healthy and that there were no added chemicals or strange ingredients. The majority were based from plants found in Africa or Asia are different regions.

About two months went by a person using this pill, and she started to lose weight gradually. She started complaining because she had only lost 2 pounds in a week and I tried to tell her that losing 2 pounds in one week is actually considered healthy and that going over that amount can be dangerous. She stuck with it and another few months went by and she had lost a grand total of 15 pounds. I asked her if she was still going to Burger King once a week with her friends and going out drinking on the weekends. She responded sheepishly that yes, she had.

She said that one of the benefits of having fiber is that it fills you up faster so you are eating less throughout the day because you are not as hungry. Normally, she said she craves chocolates and foods like that all day long and even after having one serving, she cannot get enough. But, after starting skinny fiber, she said that she is happy after just one hamburger, even without the french fries.

She said that she was also starting to implement more exercise in her daily routine because she had more energy after taking the pills. (Click here for some examples of great exercise) Fiber and weight loss apparently go hand-in-hand. Of course, you do not have to invest in an expensive fiber supplement in order to get the benefits of dietary fiber. The most important thing to do is to consume food sources that are organic and original fiber. You can find fiber in fruits, vegetables, and a variety of complex carbohydrates such as whole grain brown rice, basmati rice, brown bread, and some types of nuts and seeds.

Personally, I like to start my day with a bowl of oatmeal mixed with chia seeds, sprinkle of brown sugar, and a splash of low-fat almond milk. By consuming a lot of fiber each day in this way you will be able to lose weight and get skinny so that you can enjoy wearing a bikini on the beach in no time. But remember, the most important thing is not to lose weight, but to feel healthy and energetic.

To Eat or not to Eat Meat

This is an extremely controversial topic – one which I tend to avoid like plague to avoid upsetting or angering people!

I am a vegetarian – and even vegetarians get guff from vegans for eating cheese, milk and eggs. But heck, you can’t please every body!

Was I always a vegetarian? No.

Why did I switch? Well, it wasn’t some isolated incident. Personally, I loved meat but meat made me ill, so I quit it.  Other friends of mine don’t eat because they are active animal rights activists and they almost view me as a fake vegetarian.  All I know is that my body feels so much better after quitting eating meat.  Only you know what your body likes and responds to so I cannot make that decision for you.  This video discusses much of the topic. view at your own discretion! 🙂



Living a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your body is lead a healthy life and eat nutritious whole foods.


We encourage our readers to be whole, both in the emotional, physical and spiritual sense.

This involves eating whole, unprocessed and altered foods like fruits and vegetables and if possible, organic.

While we encourage living a vegetarian lifestyle we understand this isn’t possible for all.  Welcome to a website that encourages your best possible self, and the best health for your body, specialized for a special you.